Philip Tulin (the visionary behind GameStirs) has been creating innovative software for 50+ years.

In 1971, he wrote one of the first software applications for paper, janitorial & foodservice distribution companies (family business). In 1981, with the release of the PC, he wrote the first restaurant management software application EFFSCOM IN-STORE MANAGER (Executive Data Systems) to help restaurants control their food costs, inventory, cash control, labor scheduling, recipes, purchasing and much more. In 1985, he released MARKET BASKET to help restaurants purchase food, paper and janitorial products at the lowest prices (comparing prices available from many national distributors).



At the end of the 1980's, he wrote the first ISP (In-Store Processor) software for McDonald's to completely run their individual stores and he also developed software to run Arbys, Wendys, Burger King, Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken and KFC restaurants. The ISP software had one of the first direct order entry systems from the restaurants into distribution centers across the USA along with cash control, inventory control, waste control, labor scheduling, market analysis and much more.

In the early 1990's, he developed APOP (Animated Point Of Purchase) for the restaurant industry (especially McDonald's, D'Angelo & Burger King) which was the first video menu boards for the fast food industry (before flat screen technology).

Burger King

All of his restaurant software applications increased sales & profits for restaurants... and GameStirs will do the same!. He's now giving back to the restaurant industry with free GameStirs Marketing & Promotional software for restaurants. Sign up today.

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